thingsihaveseen: Everton Park, Liverpool
thingsihaveseen: chia seeds in water
thingsihaveseen: Chia water
thingsihaveseen: Royal Albert Dock
thingsihaveseen: Lockdown
thingsihaveseen: Albert Dock so unusually empty
thingsihaveseen: Monkey Forest, Bali
thingsihaveseen: Bali before lock down
thingsihaveseen: Travel ban let's appreciate the beauty near home
thingsihaveseen: Looking for beauty in the local area
thingsihaveseen: The office. The gym. The playground. The bar. Stay the fuck home!
thingsihaveseen: Spring is just around the corner
thingsihaveseen: Bokeh blossoms
thingsihaveseen: From the other angle
thingsihaveseen: sunset and the port
thingsihaveseen: New Brighton Lighthouse
thingsihaveseen: New Brighton
thingsihaveseen: I have a thing for old libraries
thingsihaveseen: Stonehenge
thingsihaveseen: Ulun Danu Temple - Bali
thingsihaveseen: Tasty rambutans
thingsihaveseen: Beautiful Bali
thingsihaveseen: Avocados in Bali
thingsihaveseen: mister monkey above the sky