kennethbarker59240: 258. Heron at the National Archives, Richmond
kennethbarker59240: A pair of Cherries Tanager birds, Inn on the Green, Manuel Antonio Park, Costa rica
kennethbarker59240: 48 Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens Costa Rica
kennethbarker59240: 4. The Maze, Else Kientzler Botanical Garden, Costa Rica
kennethbarker59240: 26. Exterior of Seville Cathedral, Spain
kennethbarker59240: 16. Tomb of Christopher Columbus in Seville Cathedral
kennethbarker59240: 1. Bouillon Castle, Belgium
kennethbarker59240: 0009A A performance of the Scottish sword dance in Duns
kennethbarker59240: 10 Loch Lomond: The famous Scottish destination.
kennethbarker59240: 7 Gretna Green, Scotland
kennethbarker59240: 036A Flowers for the passengers...
kennethbarker59240: 16. Nerja Caves, Andalusia, Spain
kennethbarker59240: 10. Nerja Caves, Andalusia, Spain
kennethbarker59240: 31. Extensive flooding along the Meuse valley near Mouzon in France
kennethbarker59240: 9. Falconry at Bouillon Castle, Belgium
kennethbarker59240: 0343 Nesting storks, Strasbourg, France
kennethbarker59240: 249. Temple, London
kennethbarker59240: 056 Powder tower in Prague
kennethbarker59240: 36. Inside Nasrid Palace, Granada, Spain
kennethbarker59240: 2012 030 Botanical Garden in Singapore
kennethbarker59240: 12 Narrow canals through the city of Venice, Italy
kennethbarker59240: 136 New Zealand: North Island: Wellington Botanical Gardens
kennethbarker59240: 083 New Zealand: South Island: view towards Franz-Josef glacier
kennethbarker59240: 27. Canal des Ardennes, Vendresse, France
kennethbarker59240: 25 - Cap blanc Nez, near Calais, France
kennethbarker59240: 15. The Quais de la Fontaine in Nimes France form part of the extensive 50 km aqueduct system that was built by the ancient Romans. The system was used to transport water from the mountains to the city of Nimes.
kennethbarker59240: 49 Amalfi Coast, Italy
kennethbarker59240: 27. Palacio de comunicaciones Madrid
kennethbarker59240: 23. Plymouth
kennethbarker59240: 057 German museum, Munich