philmeupplease: First time lake visitors
philmeupplease: Paperclip and Water Drops
philmeupplease: Z6C_1199
philmeupplease: psychedelic
philmeupplease: Happy New year
philmeupplease: Tip of a pen with a water drop
philmeupplease: Mickey and Minnie
philmeupplease: Now it's been done a million and one times
philmeupplease: Veins and water drops
philmeupplease: 2020-11-14_07-45-16
philmeupplease: 2020-11-14_07-44-48
philmeupplease: Z6C_0805
philmeupplease: Fall is here
philmeupplease: Z6C_0263
philmeupplease: Z6C_0260
philmeupplease: SailBoat
philmeupplease: Mardis Mills Falls
philmeupplease: DSC_0577
philmeupplease: Cardinal
philmeupplease: Portrait
philmeupplease: Hummingbird