Mike G junior: Golden Autumn ..
Lory LS: Asya
Banana Muffin (Antonio): Panorama from Corno Piccolo
junjiaoyama: sunset 9070
Jean-Michel Priaux: Another world
Jeffery Hudson: Inside Utah Mountains, USA
dj murdok photos: Sunny day at the Golden Gate!
RSpechtphotography: Oxbow Bend
RSpechtphotography: rspecht211003-2
RSpechtphotography: rspecht211003-8
RSpechtphotography: rspecht211003-10
milovancevic.tanja: Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, West Morava River, Serbia
lynie's things: Two Budgies
lynie's things: A singing Sparrow
lynie's things: Poor old Girl
lynie's things: A Wide View
lynie's things: Just Cleaning
JulesAntonio: On the trot! 🐴
JulesAntonio: A pair of foals!(see description for Martin's shot of me)
JulesAntonio: Woof bites 🐶😘