Tommysfotografie: Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) in flight over the fjord Photo taken on the Skjoldastraumenfjord, Rogaland, Norway for about 12 months.
Tommysfotografie: Springtime up to Himakånå , near to Nedstrand, Rogaland Norway. All memories.
Tommysfotografie: We are still allowed to go out, even if it’s alone or with family, about 1 km from my office and for coronatime also my apartment is a little lake, there I tried a little with my 600mm lens
Tommysfotografie: The Kravica Falls from the riverside Photo taken in Bosniaandherzegovina
Tommysfotografie: Sunrays over the clouds. Photo taken in Makarska, Croatia.The island you see is Brac
Tommysfotografie: A spring day in March Photo taken in Makarska, Croatia Memories
Tommysfotografie: Magical light through the clouds
Tommysfotografie: Today i was oft on the fields and forest, and catched this red kite
Tommysfotografie: Memories Together with my life partner Look sunset. Something we can dream about at the moment. We are separated because corona, 1050 km.
Tommysfotografie: If the sky opens at evening and light up for the last time that day, it’s because someone wants to give us hope and let sleep well.
Tommysfotografie: The sun disappears behind this island Brac He will be there tomorrow again, or we see him it’s something different, like our life at the moment, we don’t know what is tomorrow, all what left is hope.
Tommysfotografie: Construction site in the north of Makarska. Croatia
Tommysfotografie: The spring in Makarska. At the moment I’m in company in Germany and can’t go back to my family in Croatia.
Tommysfotografie: Pink chemtrail
Tommysfotografie: One of the most famous bridges of the world, also if it is a sad part of history what make this bridge famous
Tommysfotografie: The Kravica waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tommysfotografie: Almond in the sunset
Tommysfotografie: Impression of the eveningview in my village
Tommysfotografie: If the sun comes through a hole in the evening
Tommysfotografie: Hiking trail on the Adriatic Seacoast
Tommysfotografie: Hidden beach, but all insiders know
Tommysfotografie: Beachview from the mountains
Tommysfotografie: Just after the rain stops yesterday
Tommysfotografie: Papiio machaon, Schwallowtail butterfly, Schwalbenschwanz
Tommysfotografie: All is orange
Tommysfotografie: Yesterday’s sunset, I hope tonight will be also so beautiful
Tommysfotografie: Spring starts when the almond start flowering.
Tommysfotografie: This was the morningview this morning from my bed, finally home again
Tommysfotografie: Golden hour over the river Maas
Tommysfotografie: Action of a seagull