Tommysfotografie: Act of love
Tommysfotografie: Zrmanja canyon in Croatia, you see the dragoneye?
Tommysfotografie: The Dalmatian coast
Tommysfotografie: Sunset over the fields
Tommysfotografie: The golden hour can start . Photo taken in Igrane, Croatia
Tommysfotografie: Yesterday sunset, hope tonight it will be again.
Tommysfotografie: Trips together are the best, here we have a rest and swim at the waterfall in Zmranja
Tommysfotografie: Today it was hot and I found a peace of beach for me alone.
Tommysfotografie: Winnetous Pueblo in the little Death Valley. Or the Zrmanja Canyon in Croatia, there where the western movies were made
Tommysfotografie: Today is beachday, and again I found a little beach only for us
Tommysfotografie: Spider with his catch
Tommysfotografie: Makarska from up.
Tommysfotografie: Hidden beach near my apartment
Tommysfotografie: Makarskaview
Tommysfotografie: Swimming for the last time this year in the Krka waterfalls, 2021 it will be forbidden.
Tommysfotografie: Oleander in sunset, Photo taken in Igrane, Croatia
Tommysfotografie: There are planes again, see the chemtrail Photo taken in Igrane, Croatia
Tommysfotografie: Tourist are back again, sunset in Zivogosce, Croatia
Tommysfotografie: Canoing in the old Rhine
Tommysfotografie: Midnight fisherman
Tommysfotografie: Water lily
Tommysfotografie: Sunrise from my sleepingroom in Germany after rain.
Tommysfotografie: View from the mountains in Sardinia, Italy
Tommysfotografie: Lost place on Sardinia, looks like old factory
Tommysfotografie: Flamingos in the air, Photo taken in the Salina near Porto Pino, Sardinia, Italy
Tommysfotografie: Stormy weather on Sardinia
Tommysfotografie: Restaurantview on Sardinia
Tommysfotografie: One of the many waterfalls in Krka Nationalpark
Tommysfotografie: View to the village i live, Igrane, Dalmaija,Croatia
Tommysfotografie: Back to the roots