ron-charles: Still Watching & Worrying About "Benji", Once Again
ron-charles: Cannery Row, Monterey, CA
ron-charles: Somewhere In The Future
ron-charles: Compassionate Light Fixture
ron-charles: The Commode Plunger Throw
ron-charles: No More Jingle Bells
ron-charles: Classic Beauty In A Rustic Setting
ron-charles: Elevators
ron-charles: 1934 Packard At The Nethercutt Museum In Sylmar, CA
ron-charles: Chowing Down On A Delicious Pine Cone
ron-charles: Ancient Doorways Oxford University
ron-charles: Cowboy Gear
ron-charles: Coyote Crossing Road On Davies Way In Laurel Canyon - Hollywood
ron-charles: My Cameras and some of the attachments - I just can't bear to part with them. So, I keep all of them.
ron-charles: Sister & Cheeks In Beautiful 1839 Quilt Box
ron-charles: The Wonderful Bixby Bridge at Big Sur, CA - Disappearing Into The Fog
ron-charles: Greetings At The Top Of The Stairs - HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!
ron-charles: Waltham 14K Gold Pocket Watch - 1905 - Two Pictures Of The Same Watch
ron-charles: Volcanic Vent
ron-charles: Foxy Pleading
ron-charles: Girl With Cool Hat Looking At Flowers
ron-charles: Great Horned Owl With - Rat - Bon Appétit
ron-charles: Regent Street - West End, London, England
ron-charles: Warwick Castle
ron-charles: Sheep Dogs & Chauffeur Boppin' On Sunset
ron-charles: Entryway At Windsor Castle, England
ron-charles: 1937 Talbot-Lago-Type 150-CSS:Sport Coupe
ron-charles: Grave Marker For A Much Loved Little Cat
ron-charles: Crossroads of the World
ron-charles: Basic Moon Hoist