guerrerogjess: Fake Flower
guerrerogjess: hite Flower
guerrerogjess: The Pots
guerrerogjess: Fence Log
guerrerogjess: Coos Bay
guerrerogjess: Old Train
guerrerogjess: Fence Gate
guerrerogjess: Beautifu; Blue Ocean
guerrerogjess: Spring Flower
guerrerogjess: Street Lamp
guerrerogjess: Flower by the Window
guerrerogjess: Jetty and Live House
guerrerogjess: Beautiful Diane
guerrerogjess: Flying Free
guerrerogjess: HWY Mail
guerrerogjess: Our Freedom is being DISTROYED BY SOCIALISM
guerrerogjess: Boats in the Bay
guerrerogjess: Umpqua Light House
guerrerogjess: 2 Boats
guerrerogjess: Rusty Rail Road
guerrerogjess: Coos Bay Hotel
guerrerogjess: Tracks in the City
guerrerogjess: Big Bridge at Coos Bay
guerrerogjess: A Flower on the Road
guerrerogjess: Mountain on Hwy 101
guerrerogjess: The Bridge at Coos Bay
guerrerogjess: Beautiful Diane and Cosmo at coos Bay