Galwad: Tropical flower
Galwad: Hairy and succulent Bears' Paws.
Galwad: Anemone japonica
Galwad: Pink so pretty and delicate
Galwad: Sweet scented swish, panicles of Buddleia lindleyana
Galwad: Folds of light and matter
Galwad: Full flower
Galwad: Peeking through
Galwad: Spice bush - bud and fruit capsules
Galwad: Paeonia
Galwad: Delicacy
Galwad: Thistle mélange
Galwad: Thistle flowers and seeds
Galwad: Veronicastrum virginicum
Galwad: Achillea in a hazy wild flower patch
Galwad: Marmalade hoverfly on scabious flower
Galwad: Viper's bugloss
Galwad: Another beautiful teasel. another precious bee
Galwad: Capsules
Galwad: Asphodel berries
Galwad: Where the bee sucks....
Galwad: The perfect raindrop
Galwad: Hollyhock
Galwad: Verbascum
Galwad: Teasle
Galwad: Eryngium
Galwad: Angelica archangelica
Galwad: Seeds on umbel
Galwad: Salvias
Galwad: Lamium orvala