mzihizlk10: Dawn in Monument Valley
mzihizlk10: Blue hour's magic
mzihizlk10: Hoodoo overlords
mzihizlk10: Zion's cliche shot but still a classic...
mzihizlk10: Morning with the buttes
mzihizlk10: Cedar Breaks sunset
mzihizlk10: Geologic technicolour
mzihizlk10: Moonlit dawn above Badwater Basin
mzihizlk10: Salty sunset
mzihizlk10: Manly Beacon awaits its morning wake up call
mzihizlk10: Lunar beacon
mzihizlk10: Mount Hayden at sunrise
mzihizlk10: White Mesa Arch
mzihizlk10: Portal to the dawn of a new day
mzihizlk10: Dawn from Hunt's Mesa
mzihizlk10: Nothing quite like red rock at day's end
mzihizlk10: Virgin River Narrows
mzihizlk10: Nice place to spend an evening.....
mzihizlk10: Wonderment
mzihizlk10: Well worth the afternoon drive from Bryce.....
mzihizlk10: A privilege to have been here
mzihizlk10: Whither Lake Powell.....
mzihizlk10: Coal Mine Canyon sunset
mzihizlk10: Wotans Throne as blue hour begins
mzihizlk10: View from atop the Grand Staircase of the Colorado Plateau
mzihizlk10: Epic morning viewing an epic meander
mzihizlk10: Grand indeed.
mzihizlk10: The sunrise view from Hunt's Mesa
mzihizlk10: Mount Hayden aglow in dawn's first light
mzihizlk10: Sandstone and sky