mzihizlk10: Farewell to Comet NEOWISE - thanks for stopping by!
mzihizlk10: Farewell Comet NEOWISE, thanks for passing by!
mzihizlk10: Comet Neowise
mzihizlk10: Comet NEOWISE above Vancouver's North Shore mountains
mzihizlk10: Vancouver Harbour's welcoming committee
mzihizlk10: Comet NEOWISE viewed from Spanish Banks, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: Comet Neowise from Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: Comet Neowise over Vancouver
mzihizlk10: The beautiful badlands of Death Valley
mzihizlk10: Sunset and a paddle boarding brigade off Spanish Banks, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: Evening in English Bay, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: An apparition above Hollyburn Mountain
mzihizlk10: Head above the parapet
mzihizlk10: Supermoon rising behind Mount Baker
mzihizlk10: Lovely evening in my sanctuary from lockdown
mzihizlk10: Sunset at the end of a rainy day in Vancouver
mzihizlk10: Another sunset in the oasis of tranquility that is Queen Elizabeth Park
mzihizlk10: Mallard Duck - Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver
mzihizlk10: City side-lighting at sunset
mzihizlk10: Two heads are better than one
mzihizlk10: Lounging Leo
mzihizlk10: Eating nose to mouth
mzihizlk10: Standing tall
mzihizlk10: Leopard cub (Panthera pardus) relaxing while Mom is out hunting in the early evening
mzihizlk10: Nyala foal
mzihizlk10: Impala, Sabi Sabi Game Reserve, South Africa
mzihizlk10: Lion (Panthera leo) checking the scent of a female
mzihizlk10: White rhinoceros calf (Ceratotherium simum)
mzihizlk10: Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) enjoying an afternoon stroll