salomegfell1951: A man and his dogs.
salomegfell1951: Mystical beauty of Jenner
salomegfell1951: Sad seal's morning meditation
salomegfell1951: Farticus planning her next sneaky maneuver
salomegfell1951: Trail to the caves of the first people.
salomegfell1951: Were not in California anymore Dorothy
salomegfell1951: Sunday morning explore of interesting places and things.
salomegfell1951: Pretty please can I have your PBJ.
salomegfell1951: Dogs walking hoomans.
salomegfell1951: Anamosa a beautiful spiritual place.
salomegfell1951: Baby learning sheep etiquette.
salomegfell1951: Ruby Crossed to rainbridge but will never be forgotten.
salomegfell1951: Family is a gift one should embrace.