M.T.A.V: Somewhere to reminisce about
M.T.A.V: Just over the ridge line - Windmill on the hill
M.T.A.V: Watching the setting sun on the beach
M.T.A.V: Rock Pool at Low Tide
M.T.A.V: Blue sky and a lonley tree to swing from
M.T.A.V: Dark cloudy skies and a stormy day
M.T.A.V: Eerie Reflections on the Lake in Black & White
M.T.A.V: The Tree at the Top of the World
M.T.A.V: Sunset Silhouette over the Lake
M.T.A.V: Windmill on a bleak winter's day
M.T.A.V: Sheep taking cover from the winter wind under a lonely tree
M.T.A.V: Amongst the Silver Birch
M.T.A.V: Somewhere to sit and think about it all - Evening view over Somerset
M.T.A.V: Forest Footpath on a Gloomy Winter's Day
M.T.A.V: A Black & White Sunset to Sit & Watch from a Swing
M.T.A.V: Setting Sun under pale blue skies and sandy beaches
M.T.A.V: Swinging into empty space
M.T.A.V: A Cloudy Day with Dramatic Skies Above
M.T.A.V: Hidden sunset creeping through a gap in the rock on Dartmoor
M.T.A.V: Sunset Light at Elmer Beach
M.T.A.V: Silver Birch Tree and Sky
M.T.A.V: Lavent Valley in Mist
M.T.A.V: Abstract Beach at Low Tide
M.T.A.V: View of Halnaker Windmill, West Sussex
M.T.A.V: Silver Birch Forest
M.T.A.V: West Dorset View
M.T.A.V: Chesil Beach, Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, West Dorset
M.T.A.V: View from Burrow Hill over South Somerset
M.T.A.V: Black & White Low Tide, West Witterings
M.T.A.V: West Dorset Seascape from near Abbotsbury