M.T.A.V: Shades of Green
M.T.A.V: T H I N K E R
M.T.A.V: Gathering
M.T.A.V: High Places
M.T.A.V: Pattern
M.T.A.V: S K Y
M.T.A.V: Dartmoor Summer Storm
M.T.A.V: Morning munch
M.T.A.V: Rocky - 'Explored'
M.T.A.V: F A T E
M.T.A.V: Reach
M.T.A.V: Way through
M.T.A.V: To the Sky
M.T.A.V: Into the Dark
M.T.A.V: Nowhere in Particular
M.T.A.V: Storm on the Horizon - 'Explored'
M.T.A.V: Wood through the trees
M.T.A.V: Twins
M.T.A.V: Evening Sky
M.T.A.V: Nocturnal
M.T.A.V: Across the water
M.T.A.V: Isolation
M.T.A.V: River Bank
M.T.A.V: Sunset over the bandstand - 'Explored'
M.T.A.V: A Light in the Storm
M.T.A.V: Valley of Dawn Mist
M.T.A.V: Bare branches
M.T.A.V: Green and White
M.T.A.V: The Watch House
M.T.A.V: Eastern blue sky