sugar-leg: Sushi is a Japanese cuisine....
sugar-leg: a tea party that will never start.
sugar-leg: he is spending lunchtime for his goal.
sugar-leg: Faces of japanese sweets artisans seen from the side.
sugar-leg: a crazy candy vending machine!
sugar-leg: i feel lonely so give me a latte with extra whipped cream...
sugar-leg: it is too cold here,fire your passion.
sugar-leg: the possibility to be under the construction.
sugar-leg: let's try to make him smile.
sugar-leg: do you wanna be the fourth member?
sugar-leg: hide and seek with the light.
sugar-leg: butter up to no one.
sugar-leg: to meet my self in the past again...
sugar-leg: don't hesitate to open the curious door.
sugar-leg: be quiet,whether you want to say hello or goodbye.
sugar-leg: traditional beauty.
sugar-leg: he never cameback from this house.
sugar-leg: please come to see me before the key melts down.
sugar-leg: the stove outside barbar is calling you!
sugar-leg: what you throw away tells the way you are.
sugar-leg: be careful,it is difficult to distinguish a mere reflection...
sugar-leg: the blue tinted street by him.
sugar-leg: spit out everything you think.
sugar-leg: a life is too short to try all nice glasses.
sugar-leg: a Tree trunk is always watching us crossing.
sugar-leg: he is running on a motorcycle for his pinkish dream.
sugar-leg: scattered buds are pieces of my mind.
sugar-leg: i am thirsty.cherry soda please.
sugar-leg: crack a code like the sherlockhomes.