thegoreyend: Early Morning Bokeh View of City Buildings on Christmas Day
thegoreyend: Urban 3 or Obscured by the Morning Sunlight
thegoreyend: Adorned by Reflected Light
thegoreyend: Divided
thegoreyend: Obscured by the Framing Trees
thegoreyend: Serving Downtown Closed
thegoreyend: The Restaurant at the Corner
thegoreyend: (Orders) To Go
thegoreyend: Urban 4 (Batman Arrives in Houston)
thegoreyend: Fuzzy Geometrics
thegoreyend: Urban 2
thegoreyend: Down by the Bayou, underneath the City
thegoreyend: The Grace of Fall
thegoreyend: Fall Houston
thegoreyend: In the Fall, the Beauty Comes from the Dying
thegoreyend: The Golden Death
thegoreyend: A Path for Humans
thegoreyend: Crooked
thegoreyend: Bend. Bend.
thegoreyend: Branches
thegoreyend: Blue Ripples, Golden Reflections
thegoreyend: Twin Trees
thegoreyend: Blue Ripples