Jack Landau: Maple Leaf Gardens
Jack Landau: Okonomi House
A Great Capture: It wasn't about if they were going to win, it was about being able to see the game live! (taken 7.30.21)
Adam Bonn: A Dry Door
designwallah: 41 Claremont Street - Melo Grocery
rickele: Jerky Snack Sticks Sausage Salami Hams Bacons Hot Dogs Smoked Brisket Ribs
Dmitry Djouce: Snow in London
cookedphotos: Cleaning the Cleaners
smenzel: Chan's Place
Foooootooooos: Alentejo, September 2016
Avard Woolaver: Navy League fundraising, Toronto, 1981
Yurij_: Ретромобиль "Волга" Газ 21 \ Soviet retro car "Volga" Gaz-21