MMR15D: Stack 3
MMR15D: Stack 2
MMR15D: Stack 1
MMR15D: Stacking Setup
MMR15D: Water Droplet Constellation, way of killing time during lockdown
MMR15D: Lockdown Macro
MMR15D: Close up round the house (Covid-19 lockdown)
MMR15D: String of Droplets, C-19 Locodown
MMR15D: Life Size Macro, Times of Lockdown
MMR15D: Lockdown OOF
MMR15D: The Covid19 Crisis 2020, Enduring the Lockdown
MMR15D: Enduring Lockdown & Frothing by the Day
MMR15D: Enduring Lockdown & Frothing by the Day
MMR15D: Close-up While Enduring C-19 Lockdown
MMR15D: Camellia, Enduring the Lockdown
MMR15D: The Bird Feeder, Photographed as a way to Enduring the Lockdown
MMR15D: Garden closeup During the Covid19 Lockdown
MMR15D: Enduring Lockdown
MMR15D: Memorable Camellia, Spring 2020, In Times of Virus Lockdown
MMR15D: Going Different Directions
MMR15D: Leaning Amphora (either Vis or Split)
MMR15D: Contre-jour, Film portrait early 1980s
MMR15D: Towards the Spring
MMR15D: On the Eve of the Wedding (3rd Time Lucky)