sandmegsalli: Floral beauty in white.
sandmegsalli: Lone flower.
sandmegsalli: The lone tree.
sandmegsalli: Smell me.
sandmegsalli: Love my flowers.
sandmegsalli: Slip sliding in desperation to get the bread.
sandmegsalli: Sparrows Mating.
sandmegsalli: Flower power.
sandmegsalli: Fairy’s Glove.
sandmegsalli: Flower power.
sandmegsalli: Attention all Ponies.
sandmegsalli: My first harvest.
sandmegsalli: My beautiful Lilly.
sandmegsalli: My first home grown Radish.
sandmegsalli: My flower experiment.
sandmegsalli: My mum loves me.
sandmegsalli: Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Penrhyn castle
sandmegsalli: Visiting Coal Tit
sandmegsalli: Snowdonia last year. Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Homestead mill.
sandmegsalli: Rhododendron. Just opened today.
sandmegsalli: Sunbathing and looking cool.
sandmegsalli: Taken from my balcony.penrhyn quarry and zip line.
sandmegsalli: Greedy Jackdaw.
sandmegsalli: Passing through.
sandmegsalli: Regular visitor.
sandmegsalli: I’m so fluffy.
sandmegsalli: My little friend.
sandmegsalli: Flower power.