sandmegsalli: This is my better image.
sandmegsalli: Different view to the 12th century Chapel in Anglesey.
sandmegsalli: Coast of Anglesey. Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Wild ogwen River. Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Cottage in the mountains of snowdonia.
sandmegsalli: On my way to work. Plas Newydd. Taken in my car with phone.
sandmegsalli: Different view of the lone tree.
sandmegsalli: Village of Hospice St Ifan. Its where St John's started at 1190.
sandmegsalli: Miner's Bridge.
sandmegsalli: Me in an old prison bath. Just a bit of a laugh really.
sandmegsalli: Just a small glimpse of inside of penrhyn Castle.
sandmegsalli: Spot the House.
sandmegsalli: Silhouette. Taken with my phone.
sandmegsalli: Magical sunset. Taken with mobile.
sandmegsalli: 1914 Prison camera. Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Penmon Lighthouse. and one little fisherman. Taken with mobile.
sandmegsalli: Lovely colours coming through the castles windows.
sandmegsalli: Beautiful patterns on the grand stairway. Inside Penrhyn Castle.
sandmegsalli: Another view of Penrhyn Castle North Wales.
sandmegsalli: Penrhyn Castle. North Wales.
sandmegsalli: A Different view of Britania Bridge.
sandmegsalli: Britania Bridge. North Wales.
sandmegsalli: Another of the Beautiful Bridge.
sandmegsalli: An old jetty going into the Menai Straights.
sandmegsalli: Meg trying to catch a big log.
sandmegsalli: A Little hide away.
sandmegsalli: Another sun set from wales.
sandmegsalli: Another sun set. Taken with phone.
sandmegsalli: Stuck in the mud.