ericthomas19561: When I tried Second Life
ericthomas19561: Two Of The Greats (Colbert and Letterman)
ericthomas19561: Another Selfish Selfie
ericthomas19561: She’s A Mystery To Me
ericthomas19561: My Wife’s Cousin And Our Camping Buddy
ericthomas19561: My son and Bing Bing
ericthomas19561: Goofelini Wants My Chocolates (Forget It My Friend)
ericthomas19561: Saying Grace Before His Meal
ericthomas19561: On A Slippery Slope
ericthomas19561: The Tale Of The See-Through Tail
ericthomas19561: They Somehow Look Familiar (AI)
ericthomas19561: Lulu (Just For Fun)
ericthomas19561: Not Feeling Quite Like Myself Today (It Must Be The Weather) 😂
ericthomas19561: Half-Eared Jack Stopped To Say Hello 😻
ericthomas19561: More Reflections
ericthomas19561: Counting The Days Till The End Of Dry February 😂
ericthomas19561: Smurf Getting Ready For His Blind Date
ericthomas19561: Expressions
ericthomas19561: A Lone Blue Jay (Or A Lonely Jay?)
ericthomas19561: Hide-And-Seek or Whack-A-Mole?
ericthomas19561: Blue Jays Feeding
ericthomas19561: Yanca, The Best Dog We Ever Had
ericthomas19561: Feeding Time At The Cirque Du Soleil
ericthomas19561: Exploding Water Drops (Edit)
ericthomas19561: Arnold Between Two Naps
ericthomas19561: The Glimmer Twins (Look It Up)!
ericthomas19561: Stay For The Surprise Ending!
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