ksmallon: Me and J. His brother took this ❤️ Happy Vday 💋
ksmallon: Wrinkled dress and a wrinkled backdrop and the prop is a wrinkle in time
ksmallon: Light painting
ksmallon: New tongue twister. “Pretzel Patrol at the Pence Protest in Philly”
ksmallon: Bourbon Street, New Orleans
ksmallon: Iris Spectre at Outfest Philadelphia, 2019.
ksmallon: Drag show starring Bev! Outfest, Philadelphia.
ksmallon: Give it to me Penny! (French Quarter)
ksmallon: Decatur Street
ksmallon: Never a dull moment in Jackson Square
ksmallon: Get a selfie with a Boa Constrictor for $2 on Bourbon Street
ksmallon: How beignets are made!
ksmallon: How beignets are made!
ksmallon: Clap dance on Bourbon Street
ksmallon: Brass band on Frenchman Street.
ksmallon: View of Bourbon Street on Friday night.
ksmallon: Newlyweds followed by a brass band in the French Quarter. You see this probably twice per day. Cops on motorcycles barricade intersections to let the procession through. Locals barely notice and tourists follow along to take pictures pictures pictures!
ksmallon: Bourbon faced on shit street
ksmallon: Kiss on Bourbon Street
ksmallon: Kiss me in New Orleans
ksmallon: I just couldn’t get enough of pennywise
ksmallon: Bourbon Street
ksmallon: Decatur Street
ksmallon: Late night lipstick touch up behind cafe du monde
ksmallon: Singer in a bar on Frenchman Street
ksmallon: Singer in a bar on Frenchman Street
ksmallon: Canal Street
ksmallon: Bourbon Street