msergeevna: Туман / fog / sumu
msergeevna: С Рождеством Христовым!!!
msergeevna: Kuusi
msergeevna: Новогодняя ёлка
msergeevna: Happy New Year!!!!
msergeevna: 30 декабря 2018 года
msergeevna: Christmas tree
msergeevna: Snowstorm / Метель
msergeevna: Morning
msergeevna: Moscow. GUM
msergeevna: Typical December landscape
msergeevna: bumblebee
msergeevna: Early December morning. Air temperature is -16 °.
msergeevna: Moscow. Metro station "Troparyovo"
msergeevna: Moscow. Metro station "Troparyovo"
msergeevna: Christmas tree
msergeevna: Broccoli! Yummy... yum-yum
msergeevna: Tomato and Green Pepper
msergeevna: Скоро Новый год! / New Years is soon!
msergeevna: Transitions and galleries of GUM
msergeevna: Hotel Four Seasons, Moscow
msergeevna: #Pizzagaudi home delivery. This is delicious!!!
msergeevna: Full of happiness when you're on the hands of a loved one! 😻
msergeevna: Snowfall under the lantern
msergeevna: My favorite view. Evening. October
msergeevna: My favorite view. Afternoon. October
msergeevna: Pigeons fly to the window
msergeevna: Snowfall
msergeevna: Street light
msergeevna: With the onset of cold weather, tea with lemon is the first cold medicine))