alxtrnk: Summer storm in #LaMancha, #Spain
alxtrnk: In session
alxtrnk: NGC7635 - Bubble Nebula (Ha)
alxtrnk: NGC7662. Blue Snowball Nebula
alxtrnk: Messier 81 & Messier 82. Data captured by Jesús Martínez López
alxtrnk: Messier 16 - Eagle Nebula (starless)
alxtrnk: Messier 101 - Whirlpool Galaxy LRGB
alxtrnk: Messier 101. Luminance. First light with ASI1600
alxtrnk: Messier 20 - Trifid Nebula.
alxtrnk: Messier 101 - New version
alxtrnk: Messier 78 - McNeil's Nebula
alxtrnk: Abell 21 - Medusa Nebula v2.
alxtrnk: Abell 21 - Medusa Nebula
alxtrnk: Imaging Orion
alxtrnk: Messier 51 - Whirlpool galaxy. Reprocessed
alxtrnk: NGC2359 - Thor's Helmet Nebula. Reprocessed with Pixinsight
alxtrnk: IC434 - Horse Head Nebula. Old data reprocessed
alxtrnk: Messier 42. Orion Nebula. Reprocessed with Pixinsight
alxtrnk: Ready for next level 😎
alxtrnk: IC417 - Spider Nebula v2
alxtrnk: IC417. Spider Nebula
alxtrnk: IC405. Flaming Star Nebula
alxtrnk: New setup for astrophotography processing
alxtrnk: Messier 76. Little Dumbbell Nebula
alxtrnk: NGC246. Skull Nebula
alxtrnk: Messier 13. Hercules Globular Cluster
alxtrnk: Messier 27. Dumbbell Nebula
alxtrnk: In session 😎
alxtrnk: NGC7293. Helix Nebula
alxtrnk: Milky Way. 1st attempt