Wingsagainstthewind: hummingbird bw (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: hummingbird with 2 types of light
Wingsagainstthewind: Merganser with chicks Nicola Lake
Wingsagainstthewind: Male loon wing stretch Nicola Lake (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: husband and dog Rolley Lake sunny day
Wingsagainstthewind: Foal 12 hours old
Wingsagainstthewind: spider web in tree stump
Wingsagainstthewind: Anna's Hummingbird Hovering
Wingsagainstthewind: rufous hummingbird
Wingsagainstthewind: tiny male hummingbird
Wingsagainstthewind: Seaplane Harrison Lake
Wingsagainstthewind: Mt Cheam at Harrison Lake
Wingsagainstthewind: Highway to Harrison Hot Springs BC
Wingsagainstthewind: Two Bridges
Wingsagainstthewind: sunset from Port Haney train station, Vancouver, BC
Wingsagainstthewind: Raindrops Accordian Plant
Wingsagainstthewind: Raindrops on Smoke Tree Leaf
Wingsagainstthewind: Raindrops and ForgetMeNots (2 of 7)
Wingsagainstthewind: little tree in fog (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: squirrel eating nut in a tree looking at me (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: Going home (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: apple ice imprint (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: hydrangea (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: grizzly sniffing (1 of 1)
Wingsagainstthewind: Juvenile Bald Eagle
Wingsagainstthewind: eagles in tree 1
Wingsagainstthewind: No room sorry
Wingsagainstthewind: deer in the morning light
Wingsagainstthewind: freezing Stave Lake