DXW1978: A Right Pair!
DXW1978: Pathway to the Deer House.
DXW1978: Curves of the River Gaunless.
DXW1978: Early Autumn, Mid-Afternoon.
DXW1978: Autumn Dusk
DXW1978: Break Time
DXW1978: Decisions Decisions...
DXW1978: Coming in Hot
DXW1978: You Ain't Seen me, Right!
DXW1978: Such a Poser
DXW1978: Suspicious Chaffinch!
DXW1978: See Ya!
DXW1978: Nuthatch
DXW1978: Caught Red Handed
DXW1978: Nut Job
DXW1978: Daylight Robborey
DXW1978: Times of Plenty
DXW1978: Twitter Addict
DXW1978: UCP International Facebook Competition
DXW1978: Pond Life Goes On
DXW1978: Pond Life
DXW1978: Dress to Impress
DXW1978: Serenity
DXW1978: Cow Belle
DXW1978: Bolam Lake
DXW1978: A Happy Household
DXW1978: Birch and Fir
DXW1978: Calling Dr Doolittle, We've got a Problem here...
DXW1978: Uh-Oh!
DXW1978: I've got your Back Buddy