palyko: Leuty Life Guard House Sunrise
palyko: Burano stripes
palyko: Folegandros Sunset
palyko: Venetian view from on high
palyko: Golden Hue Towers
palyko: Leuty Life Guard Station Sunrise
palyko: Campo de Fiori shadows, Rome
palyko: Roman puddles
palyko: Majestic Folegandros, Greece
palyko: Crete sunrise
palyko: The angel in the cloud
palyko: A sunrise job
palyko: The view from paradise
palyko: Pantheon Pillars
palyko: Follow the line
palyko: The lonely path at night
palyko: A staggered life
palyko: Cherry Beach Sunset
palyko: A ship in safe harbour
palyko: Together in Sorrento
palyko: Greek Island Splendour
palyko: Frozen Tree
palyko: A quiet moment in Venice
palyko: Venice Reflection
palyko: The full moon and the tree
palyko: A grand view from a Venetian palazzo
palyko: Beware of door handle
palyko: Folegandros Black and White
palyko: Venice Gargoyle
palyko: Early morning boardwalk