danbriscoephotography: Moonlight Bay
danbriscoephotography: Sunset at Seal Rock
danbriscoephotography: Seagull on an Ocean Bluff
danbriscoephotography: A seagull enjoying the sunset from a cliff above the Oregon coast
danbriscoephotography: Sunset on the Oregon Coast
danbriscoephotography: Moonlight on Seal Rocks, Oregon
danbriscoephotography: Canada Geese
danbriscoephotography: Saint Helens Devistating Mud Flow
danbriscoephotography: Volcanic Blast Zone
danbriscoephotography: Rebirth of Landscape
danbriscoephotography: Golden Bloom
danbriscoephotography: Silver Falls
danbriscoephotography: Rock Filled Clouds
danbriscoephotography: Fishing Below Willamette Falls
danbriscoephotography: St. Helens Sunrise
danbriscoephotography: Mount St. Helens at Night
danbriscoephotography: Sunrise Glow on Mt. Rainier
danbriscoephotography: Will you be my friend?
danbriscoephotography: No Name Falls
danbriscoephotography: A Sooty Grouse on Hurricane Ridge
danbriscoephotography: Bird on a Wire
danbriscoephotography: The Joy of Flight
danbriscoephotography: Haystack Rock
danbriscoephotography: Sheltering from the Wind
danbriscoephotography: Mt. Rainier and an Old Barn
danbriscoephotography: Tired Old Barn