D_sorbus: A little frog at sunset
D_sorbus: By the roadside
D_sorbus: Spring has arrived
D_sorbus: Three laps of Reus
D_sorbus: Paseo de la Castellana ( Explored 24-2-2023)
D_sorbus: The dame of cathedrals
D_sorbus: Observing thoughtfully
D_sorbus: View of Toledo ( Explored 30-1-2023 )
D_sorbus: Admiring the landscape
D_sorbus: Europe's gate
D_sorbus: And the light of the sunset illuminated the hermitage ( Explored 3-1-2023)
D_sorbus: Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
D_sorbus: Walking through the gardens of the farm
D_sorbus: Merry Christmas (Explored 16-12-2022)
D_sorbus: Madrid
D_sorbus: Summer flowers (Explored 24-11-2022)
D_sorbus: A pigeon
D_sorbus: Alcazar of Segovia ( Explored 8-11-2022)
D_sorbus: Segovia ( Explored 14-10-2022)
D_sorbus: Main square madrid
D_sorbus: Portrait of Saint Teresa of Jesus
D_sorbus: Observing the photographer ( Explored 27-09-2022)
D_sorbus: Thoughtful portrait ( Explored 7-9-2022 )
D_sorbus: Butterfly bokeh
D_sorbus: And the sun went to sleep (Explored 6-8-2022)
D_sorbus: Bee in the flowers
D_sorbus: Dragonfly in the sunset
D_sorbus: Gliding over the water ( Explored 20-7-2022)
D_sorbus: Trying to drink water
D_sorbus: European serin