william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: The Very Famous Elephant Rock @ Ballintoy Causeway Coast Northern Ireland.. Unique In It's Shape Of An Elephant
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Titanic Quarter Belfast - Blue Hour. Shot from 5 floors up for a great vantage point.. Taken with the Huawei P30 Pro
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Murlough Bay & The Lone Tree.. One Of The Many Locations Used Across Northern Ireland During The Filming Of Game Of Thrones.. On The Upper Left Is Scotland On The Horizon
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Huawei P30 Pro - Belfast Titanic Quarter And Harbour
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Huawei P30 Pro - Belfast Titanic Quarter And Harbour
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Golden Hour @ Kinnegar Jetty Holywood Pier
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: HMS Caroline - Built In 1916 Served In The 1st World War And Is The Last Survivor Of The Battle Of Judland.. Now Stationed At Belfast Titanic Quarter In June 2016 The Ship Was Opened To The Public As A Museum.
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: HMS Carolina Titanic Quarter Belfast..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Ring tailed Lemas @ Belfast Zoo
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Reflections Claredon Dock Belfast - Some Amazing Reflections On A Very Calm River Lagan
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Reflections - Titanic Belfast Green For St Patrick's Day Celebration
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Astrophotography - Milkyway. My first real attempt at shooting the Milkyway. This is St John's Point Lighthouse. The Galactic Core isn't visible at this time of year, in a few weeks I will go back to get the core
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Leading Lines - Chaine Memorial Tower
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Cloud Phenomenon - Falling Clouds Known As Virga Clouds Taken Over Belfast During Sunset Golden Hour.
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Beautiful Noctilucent Clouds Over Belfast Tonight. Display Didn't Last Long, Always Worth A Photo. Shame I Didn't Have My DSLR, Photographed On The Huawei P30 Pro
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Macro Shot Of This Little Fly... Trying Out The Huawei P30 Pro.. Unbelievable What The Camera Is Able To Produce
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Chimpanzee having some down time @ Belfast Zoo
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Sunrise Glowing Sky - Belfast Titanic Quarter
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Landscape Slemish Mountain Ballymena Northern Ireland. Beautiful Mountain That Sits In The Heart Of Mid And East Antrim
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Submerged Trees Reflection @ Spelga Dam
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Beautiful Landscape Featuring Slemish Mountain
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Monkey Business - A Little Baby François Langur Running Across A Wooden Log @ Belfast Zoo
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Sunset Jetty (Kinnegar Jetty) Same location as previous post, different composition. Unsure as to which I prefer.
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Sunset @ Kinnegar Jetty Holywood
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Pan's Rock - Ballycastle..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Pan's Rock - Ballycastle Leading Lines
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Pan's Rock - Ballycastle
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Red Arrows With A Mid-Air Fly By..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Twilight Belfast Harbour 3am
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Rare Noctilucent Clouds Photographed Over Belfast Noctilucent clouds, or night shining clouds, are tenuous cloud-like phenomena in the upper atmosphere of Earth. They consist of ice crystals and are only visible during astronomical twilight. Noctilucent