william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Blue Hour Meets Sunset
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Another Attempt At The Milkyway - This Time Using My Star Tracker & The Results Are Incredible... 5 Minute Single Shot Exposure
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Golden Hour @ Belfast Titanic Quarter
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: The Milkyway Over Portmuck Harbour....
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Bluebells @ Portglenone Forest
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Beautiful Blue Hour - Belfast Titanic Quarter @4:55am
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Glass Ball - Sunrise. Belfast Titanic Quarter
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Twilight - Silhouette Skyline Venus & Star's. Belfast Giant's Ring
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Sunrise & Reflections Belfast Titanic Quarter - Huawei P30 Pro
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Star Trail's - Playing around with star trail's and battling light pollution.. This was roughly a single 10min exposure.. Belfast directly behind this scene so ISO kept at 100 F4.5 579s.. Need to learn how to stack..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Colour Pop... Don't normally do these type of pictures, due to Covid-19 I was going through some old pictures and thought this worked well.. 🤔
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Silhouette Tree - Sunset Giant's Ring Northern Ireland
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: The Night Before The Super Moon.. Single Shot Nikon D5600 Sigma 70-300
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Belfast Titanic Museum - Titanic Office's To The Left Of The Picture
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Firey Sky With Belfast Skyline Silhouetted Against The Beautiful Colours..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Belfast Fire In The Sky - Amazing Sunrise
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Belfast Titanic Museum - Green In Celebration Of St Patrick's Day...
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Cloud formation known as Mackerel Sky over Belfast... Snapped on the phone..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Stunning Cumulonimbus Capillatus Clouds Over Belfast A Few Days Ago. These Clouds Brought Large Amounts Of Rain And Hail As It Slowly Moved Across The Sky. The Yellow Crane To The Left Stands At 104m Tall Adding To The Scale
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Amazing Storm Cloud - Taken From The Mobile, Moving Over South Belfast As I Was Out Walking My Dog.. The Size And Structure To This Was Stunning To See..
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Carrickfergus Castle - One Of Northern Ireland's Best Persevered Midieval Structures Built In 1177 And Sits On The Shore Of Belfast Lough. An Impressive Site By Night Or Day
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: First Time Trying A Deep Space Target With The Sky Watcher Star Adventure Pro Single Shot Exposure As I've Yet To Learn Stacking. The 7 Sisters (Pleiades) 300mm 22 seconds ISO 3200 F5.6
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: First Time Trying A Deep Space Target With The Sky Watcher Star Adventure Pro Single Shot Exposure As I've Yet To Learn Stacking. The Orion Nebula300mm 22 seconds ISO 3200 F5.6
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Belfast Titanic Quarter Featuring Belfast Titanic Museum & Slipway. The SS Nomadic & Titanic Hotel. Set In Heart Belfast Is A Must Do Anytime Of The Year.
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Another Night Shot From In Around Belfast - The Stunning Lagan Weir Foot Bridge Leading To Custom House Square And Directly To The City Centre
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Cityscape Reflections - Belfast Waterfront Hall River Lagan
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Queen's Bridge Reflections - Looking Towards The Beacon Of Hope (Nula With The Hula)
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Light Trail's Along A Duel Carriage Way. Little Vantage Point Along A Bridge
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Carrickfergus Castle - Lovely Little Nightscape.. I Was Unsure If I Preferred Colour To The Monochrome.. In The End I Think The Mono Suited The Theme Best...
william_young81@yahoo.co.uk: Nightscape @ Kinnegar Jetty Holywood.. One of my favourite places to photograph