arthurverigin: Old well in an abandoned farmstead
arthurverigin: It is edible and even delicious! (Угощайтесь, господа и дамы!)
arthurverigin: A bored boy
arthurverigin: Winter evening in a Siberian village.
arthurverigin: Good weather for walking
arthurverigin: Late autumn
arthurverigin: USSR. Kolkhoz. Second World War.
arthurverigin: USSR. Tractor drivers.
arthurverigin: The haycock
arthurverigin: Autumn. Transparent forest, transparent skies
arthurverigin: Ordinary thing
arthurverigin: When my mama will come?
arthurverigin: Yamal. By the lake.
arthurverigin: Dead road
arthurverigin: Михаил
arthurverigin: Children. Homeward. The route ran through the meadow.
arthurverigin: Children's game
arthurverigin: Summer in the village. The current suitor.
arthurverigin: The sunny day
arthurverigin: The dry lake bed
arthurverigin: At the gate is the vehicle
arthurverigin: Old man and lily
arthurverigin: Lenin in the village Sinitsyno. O, quam cito transit gloria mundi !
arthurverigin: Poplars
arthurverigin: The swamp
arthurverigin: Sunset on the swamp
arthurverigin: April. Birch dance.
arthurverigin: April forest
arthurverigin: Outside the city limits