arthurverigin: Summer in the village. The current suitor.
arthurverigin: The sunny day
arthurverigin: The dry lake bed
arthurverigin: At the gate is the vehicle
arthurverigin: Old man and lily
arthurverigin: Lenin in the village Sinitsyno. O, quam cito transit gloria mundi !
arthurverigin: Poplars
arthurverigin: The swamp
arthurverigin: Sunset on the swamp
arthurverigin: April. Birch dance.
arthurverigin: April forest
arthurverigin: Outside the city limits
arthurverigin: An old woman lives here. Spring came to visit her.
arthurverigin: My breakfast
arthurverigin: Wet day
arthurverigin: On a fine winter day
arthurverigin: The teardrop
arthurverigin: The blizzard
arthurverigin: Minus 45 Celsius.
arthurverigin: The trail
arthurverigin: Old bugger
arthurverigin: The frost
arthurverigin: When will spring come to the chicken coop?
arthurverigin: Oh, what an appetizing chickadee!
arthurverigin: He warms paws. An episode from the life of a Siberian cat.
arthurverigin: Blue hoarfrost
arthurverigin: Transsiberian railway
arthurverigin: The dawn
arthurverigin: Duck hunting
arthurverigin: Immersion in reading