paoloaddesso: Life and death (Dimorphoteca)
paoloaddesso: Let's multiply the good luck!!!
paoloaddesso: Spiraling colors
paoloaddesso: Oxalis pes-caprae... spring yellow joy!
paoloaddesso: Daisy, Daisy... ;-)
paoloaddesso: Red leaves in spring??? ;-)
paoloaddesso: Pink and Blue
paoloaddesso: It's a wonderful world!
paoloaddesso: Little lemons grow up! ;-)
paoloaddesso: Many little monkeys... ;-)
paoloaddesso: Magnolia soulangeana in fully blossom!
paoloaddesso: The long waited first snow
paoloaddesso: Mirror Mirror
paoloaddesso: Geometries
paoloaddesso: Sidelight - Crazy Tuesday
paoloaddesso: Winter Daisy
paoloaddesso: Orange hour? ;-)
paoloaddesso: Alien moon surface? ;-)
paoloaddesso: Pyramids of light
paoloaddesso: Beads... of my beloved wife!
paoloaddesso: White sugar-made Milky Way
paoloaddesso: Grenoble from "Fort de La Bastille"
paoloaddesso: 2020... and self portraits! ;-)
paoloaddesso: Ribbon flower
paoloaddesso: Wintertime sunset
paoloaddesso: From my beloved wife... ❤️
paoloaddesso: Snowy sunset
paoloaddesso: "Calzoncelli": a family tradition
paoloaddesso: wonder and warmth of Xmas
paoloaddesso: The fight between light and darkness