tormentor4555: M4A3(76)W HVSS tank with sand bag armor to defeat the Panzerfaust.
tormentor4555: M4 Sherman with composite plastic armor
tormentor4555: Trainees push a Fairey Battle to a hangar at 2 School of Technical Training at Cosford, Shropshire 1940.
tormentor4555: M4 Sherman tank.
tormentor4555: Bulgarian soldiers on a German Panzer IV (PzKpfw IV) in Sofia 2nd December 1944.
tormentor4555: Bulgarian army with a built German Leichter Panzerspähwagen armored car Sd.Kfz, 222 during WW2..
tormentor4555: German gun crews with 88mm Flak 18 anti-aircraft guns are preparing to fire a salute in honor of the return of the Condor Legion from Spain to Hamburg.
tormentor4555: Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the liberation of Orel and Belgorod. The salute is conducted from 76 mm ZiS-3 artillery guns.
tormentor4555: Artillery fireworks in Moscow in honor of the liberation of Orel and Belgorod 5th August 1943.
tormentor4555: Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the occupation of Lviv from German troops 27th July 1944.
tormentor4555: Soviet machine gunner Posing with a DP-27 in one of the destroyed houses in Stalingrad.
tormentor4555: German machine gunner MG 34 position in a house near Stalingrad 1942.
tormentor4555: USA Fairchild C-119C-14-FA (49-144) transport plane from the 403rd Troop Carrier Wing approaches an airfield in Korea, February 1st 1951.
tormentor4555: USAF F-51 Mustang from the veteran 18th Fighter Bomber Wing plows through water towards take-off position, heavily armed with bombs and rockets and . 50 caliber machine gun ammunition in Korea 1951.
tormentor4555: General De Pinedo's Savoia Marchetti seaplane landing on the Brisbane River in 1925.
tormentor4555: HMS Jason, an Alarm class torpedo gunboat.
tormentor4555: Royal Aircraft Factory BE-2E aircraft New South Wales State School of Aviation 1920.
tormentor4555: Clyde Works Bedford delivery truck loaded with assorted farm implements .
tormentor4555: Clyde Works Bedford delivery truck loaded with assorted farm implements including chaff-cutters, parquet seed-planter, feed grister, and two ploughs.
tormentor4555: Highland Heritage Tours of Argyll Vanhool SN05 DVX.
tormentor4555: The Ex USS Niantic as a Hotel in San Francisco 1850s.
tormentor4555: Bell P-59B Airacomet.
tormentor4555: Bell P-59 Airacomet (2108778) at NAS Patuxent River Maryland, during Navy flight tests January 1944.
tormentor4555: USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-36) in the South China Sea, an A-6 Intruder awaits its turn for launching, March 1967.
tormentor4555: USS America (CVA-66) A-6 Intruder During flight operations in the Indian Ocean May 16th 1970.
tormentor4555: Paul S. Pearsall's forty-foot racing sloop Banshee, designed by Archibald Cary Smith and built in 1887 at the Cornelius & Richard Poilllon shipyard.
tormentor4555: George A Goddard's forty-foot sloop Babboon (Edward Burgess design, 1888)
tormentor4555: Frederick W. Flint's 40-foot sloop Nymph (Edward Burgess design, 1888)
tormentor4555: Arthur De Witt Cochrane's 40ft sloop Awa June 14th 1892.
tormentor4555: The 40-footer yacht Xara (Edward Burgess design, 1888) in the Eastern Yacht Club's Annual Regatta, which she won in her class on June 28th 1888.