bloodpuddle: Waratah, Blue Mountains, Australia
bloodpuddle: Before the storm 1
bloodpuddle: Before the storm 2
bloodpuddle: Morning rays
bloodpuddle: Bondi Beach, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Centennial Park, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Sunrise ducks
bloodpuddle: Rainbow Lorikeet
bloodpuddle: Lockdown cycling #coffeestop
bloodpuddle: Sydney sunset
bloodpuddle: Nice and slow, number 12 #tortoiselife
bloodpuddle: So many elevens here #legseleven
bloodpuddle: Number 10 #doubledigits
bloodpuddle: Number 9, Number 9, Number 9
bloodpuddle: Lucky number 8
bloodpuddle: Diamond Bay
bloodpuddle: Number 7
bloodpuddle: Number 6
bloodpuddle: Harbour bridge in fog
bloodpuddle: Ferry in the fog, Sydney Harbour
bloodpuddle: Ferry in the fog 2, Sydney Harbour
bloodpuddle: Centrepoint skyline, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Winter sunset, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Moody sunset, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Autumn sunset, Sydney
bloodpuddle: Super blood moon - Australia, May 2021
bloodpuddle: Jamison Valley sunset, Blue Mountains, Australia
bloodpuddle: Ripmo under the Southern Cross
bloodpuddle: Cape Byron lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia
bloodpuddle: Wallaby, Byron Bay, Australia