4taote: There were medieval river piers here
4taote: The gesture
4taote: The path
4taote: The hillside
4taote: Find the cat in the picture
4taote: The different intentions
4taote: The kitsch rose garden
4taote: Summer colors
4taote: The meadow
4taote: The hostess and the henchman
4taote: Dangerous enough
4taote: On the river bank
4taote: Landscape with a burdock I
4taote: The meadow
4taote: Old master at work
4taote: Harlequin carrying chair
4taote: Harlequin&Columbine
4taote: Posing for a photographer
4taote: Begonia
4taote: Under the sunbeam
4taote: Under the sunbeam
4taote: The meadow&the distant bridge
4taote: A strong wind
4taote: The stair to nowhere
4taote: Amphibia
4taote: Volga river
4taote: The boat off the river coast
4taote: Cloudy day in the park
4taote: Oscar
4taote: Cloudy day