4taote: The crow and the fisherman
4taote: Spring fishing
4taote: April river
4taote: Fishing in the rain
4taote: Old dovecote
4taote: Monastery bell tower
4taote: The bounce
4taote: She will reach out
4taote: Construction
4taote: Girl with a toy snake
4taote: Vade mecum
4taote: Directions and intentions
4taote: Blooming apple tree at the edge of a pine grove
4taote: Rainy summer day
4taote: Relaxation
4taote: Carousel
4taote: In the thickets by the river
4taote: Silhouette
4taote: The warmer
4taote: Domes
4taote: In the winter forest
4taote: Spotlight control unit
4taote: The bridge
4taote: Profile
4taote: Poisonous effluents
4taote: A fork in the ground
4taote: City landscape with a monument to Lenin
4taote: The fragrance
4taote: While studying
4taote: Scene on the waterfront