4taote: Bee at work
4taote: The pier
4taote: Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Russian landscape
4taote: Children in the autumn field
4taote: Autumn flower bed
4taote: In a birch grove
4taote: Four ages
4taote: Throwing snow
4taote: The wide sidewalk
4taote: Bust
4taote: Landfill at the tire service
4taote: The locomotive is coming
4taote: Railway station
4taote: Volga in summer
4taote: Glasses
4taote: After the snowfall
4taote: Old roofs after the first snowfall
4taote: Ruins
4taote: Old staircase
4taote: Abandoned obstacle course
4taote: Urban river landscape with steam
4taote: World War II photo exhibition
4taote: Landscape with church on the river bank
4taote: Couple by the river
4taote: River landscape with lights and shadows
4taote: Spring landscape with chapel
4taote: Leaf fall
4taote: Repair
4taote: Fallen leaves on an iron plate
4taote: Evening street