4taote: Tit in watercolor setting
4taote: Trail from the river to the church and chapel
4taote: Many years ago, this path led from the forest to the fields
4taote: Silver spring
4taote: Lilac branch and child in the monastery courtyard
4taote: Spring creek
4taote: Like the final shootout in a western movie
4taote: Relic of sunday flea market
4taote: Cloudy winter day
4taote: Where is the end of this house?
4taote: Railway motive
4taote: Mother&son
4taote: Target
4taote: Relics of the grand style
4taote: Storehouses
4taote: Door too beautiful to pass by
4taote: In the churchyard
4taote: Examining monumental painting
4taote: Guerrillero
4taote: Exploring the work of beavers
4taote: Blizzard at an old mansion
4taote: Walk with the dog in the park
4taote: Guarding the carousels
4taote: Shadow of the photographer
4taote: Fog on the promenade
4taote: Fog over the Volga
4taote: Fog in the park
4taote: The fog and the puppets
4taote: Winter fog on the promenade
4taote: Old town relics