arthuroleary: A portion of beautiful Massies Creek a Cedar Cliff Falls, Ohio.
arthuroleary: Captivating Crescent Moon over a tree at Sharon Woods in Westerville Ohio. 8 images stacked to reduce noise.
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arthuroleary: 2019-03-28_02-30-03
arthuroleary: Self portait in Chapel Cave, a large recess cave in a remote part of the hocking hills region.
arthuroleary: 2019-03-26_06-56-42
arthuroleary: Fall Creek Falls, Idaho. The water is heated by geothermal activity from Yellowstone and resists freezing.
arthuroleary: _AGO1657-HDR
arthuroleary: The Mist. Foggy morning 2-2-19.
arthuroleary: Winter's Diamond
arthuroleary: Osage Tree Tunnel, Sugarcreek Metro Park Ohio.
arthuroleary: Composite of an image before and during the Lunar Eclipse at Glacier Ridge Metro Park.
arthuroleary: Beautiful winter falls at Sharon Woods Park, Ohio. See my work at
arthuroleary: Lunar Eclipse, shot with my trusty FZ1000 in extremely cold weather.
arthuroleary: The Tall Pines area of Walnut Woods Metro Park changed by a snow storm.
arthuroleary: Upper Antelope Canyon, one of those places that makes you say "wow" out loud.
arthuroleary: High resolution panorama of the incredible Ash Cave in Hocking Hills Ohio. The falls at left are 100 feet tall.
arthuroleary: Can't contain the color, taken at Gardens Aglow at the Franklin Park Conservatory.
arthuroleary: Turned my lens ball into a Christmas ornament at Easton Shopping Center.
arthuroleary: The incredible Christmas decorations at the Arcade shopping complex in Cleveland. Built in the Victorian style in the 1890s.
arthuroleary: Entrance to Riverwalk, following the Virgin River in to Zion Canyon
arthuroleary: Sunrise Light hitting the Towers of the Virgin at Zion National Park.
arthuroleary: Humphreys Peak colored by sunset afterglow, visible from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
arthuroleary: Road near Mexican Hat, Utah depicted in the Forrest Gump running scene.
arthuroleary: Sun setting on the Virgin River at Zion National Park.
arthuroleary: Looking up in a portion of Antelope Canyon.
arthuroleary: Life imitating Art, looking up at Antelope Canyon.
arthuroleary: Exploring a portion of Antelope Canyon. I was amazed to see this incredible place carved by erosion.
arthuroleary: The Watchman and The Virgin River at Zion National Park. Taken from the famous Canyon Junction Bridge.
arthuroleary: HDR cellphone shot of a portion of Riverside Walk in Zion Canyon.