polkbritton: A WWII poster encouraging Americans to be more informed to defend democratic civic life.
polkbritton: City on the Make: Looking down South Street in New York City. November 1933.
polkbritton: Between Bites: Construction workers eating lunch on the Shasta Dam. Shasta County, California, November 1940.
polkbritton: Just Off Main: Sidewalk traffic on main street on the day of tobacco auctions in Mebane, North Carolina. November 1939.
polkbritton: Tools of the Trade: Malted milk mixers in restaurant, Plentywood, Montana, November 1937.
polkbritton: Winter's Doorstep: The main square in Colchester, Connecticut. November 1940.
polkbritton: Elbow Benders: Having a beer in Art's Sportsman's Tavern on a rainy day in Colchester, Connecticut. November 1940.
polkbritton: Old Home Time: The Mambert farm, located in the Hudson River Valley, New York. October 1941.
polkbritton: World of Tomorrow: Lines at the Flushing Gate of the New York World's Fair at 1 p.m. October 27, 1939.
polkbritton: Side Ways: Trucks being loaded. Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 1939.
polkbritton: Cheap Seats: Spectators at the Duke University-North Carolina football game. Durham, North Carolina, October 1939.
polkbritton: Rise & Fall: Abandoned factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 1939.
polkbritton: OK Corral: P-51 Mustang fighter planes being prepared for test flight at the field of North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California. October 1942.
polkbritton: Nebraska Iceberg: An Ice cream stand in Lincoln, Nebraska, October 1938.
polkbritton: Waning Day: Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Fall 1939.
polkbritton: Eye of the Beholder: Slums in Camden, New Jersey with the city hall in distance. October 1938.
polkbritton: Call for Beer: Storefront in Altheimer, Arkansas, October 1938.
polkbritton: Wall of Dreams: Room in which migratory agricultural workers sleep. Camden County, New Jersey October 1938.
polkbritton: Taking a Sight: Boys trained in the fundamentals of navigation may become technicians in the armed service, Los Angeles, California. Student Thomas Graham in the Victory Corps at Polytechnic High School. September 1942.
polkbritton: Rockwell Canvas: The waiting room at the Greyhound bus terminal. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. September 1943.
polkbritton: That Golden Valley: Scenic view of Butte, Montana, September 1942.
polkbritton: To All Points: People buying tickets at the Greyhound bus terminal. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 1943.
polkbritton: Big Easy: People sitting on dock, New Orleans, Louisiana, September 1938.
polkbritton: Auto Spa: Service station on Connecticut Avenue. Washington, D.C., September 1940.
polkbritton: 86 Years: Looking north from the Empire State Building. New York City, September 11, 1933.
polkbritton: Angels' Perch: A rainy evening in New York City looking west toward Hudson River from University Place, September 1939
polkbritton: School Social: Students on steps of building between classes. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Orange County. September 1939.
polkbritton: Co-Ed: Students during change of classes, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, September 1939.
polkbritton: Night and the City: A rainy evening in New York City, looking north from University Place, September 1939.
polkbritton: Bird's Eye View: Spectators at a scrap salvage rally at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C., August 1942.