Christo_topher: Black-headed Gull
Christo_topher: Waterfall and Fox Glove
Christo_topher: Breck at Gairloch Pier
Christo_topher: Cromarty Firth Oil Rig Grave Yard
Christo_topher: Sunset Over Big Sands
Christo_topher: Highland Cow
Christo_topher: Black and White Flower
Christo_topher: The River Earn at the Fish Farm
Christo_topher: Mavis of Dalchonzie
Christo_topher: Mountain Cornflower
Christo_topher: You looking at me?
Christo_topher: Balfron 10k
Christo_topher: Dandelion
Christo_topher: Strawberry Flower
Christo_topher: Bluebell
Christo_topher: Forget Me Not
Christo_topher: Secret Forest
Christo_topher: Garden Visitor
Christo_topher: Ladybird
Christo_topher: Riverside Museum
Christo_topher: Grape Hyacinth
Christo_topher: Cherry Blossom
Christo_topher: DogwoodWeek13
Christo_topher: #DogwoodWeek12
Christo_topher: Roe Deer
Christo_topher: Cherry Blossom
Christo_topher: Greater Periwinkle