andrew.knowles25: The conversation
andrew.knowles25: Scottish skies
andrew.knowles25: Highlander
andrew.knowles25: Caledonia
andrew.knowles25: The light banishing the dark.
andrew.knowles25: Battling on.
andrew.knowles25: Natures luxurious carpet
andrew.knowles25: Up over and through again.
andrew.knowles25: When the clouds meet the moor
andrew.knowles25: Fleeting light in between the dark skies
andrew.knowles25: The last remnants
andrew.knowles25: Filled with light
andrew.knowles25: The Pikes in their winter coat
andrew.knowles25: Derwentwater Dawn
andrew.knowles25: Late autumn bracken.
andrew.knowles25: The white pierces the blue.
andrew.knowles25: Friendship through the ages.
andrew.knowles25: When the pool joins the sea.
andrew.knowles25: Its finally here!
andrew.knowles25: Silver Birch ICM
andrew.knowles25: A perfect summer evening
andrew.knowles25: Sunburst Birch
andrew.knowles25: Cuckoo Dawn
andrew.knowles25: Don't bother me , I am eating