andrew.knowles25: Cows in the mist.
andrew.knowles25: A scene from the past.
andrew.knowles25: A frosty morning at Elter Water
andrew.knowles25: A cry for help.
andrew.knowles25: My favourite view
andrew.knowles25: The space between.
andrew.knowles25: Natures boquet
andrew.knowles25: Moss Valley wild garlic
andrew.knowles25: An ancient landscape
andrew.knowles25: Wigglesome Hill
andrew.knowles25: Waterfall Whispers
andrew.knowles25: I am Engineer!
andrew.knowles25: Where the Minions hide.
andrew.knowles25: Lost world
andrew.knowles25: Toblerone with a twist.
andrew.knowles25: Temeraire dawn
andrew.knowles25: Pushing hard.
andrew.knowles25: The valley...
andrew.knowles25: You will never go in the water again.....
andrew.knowles25: Layer Cake
andrew.knowles25: Nemo's nemesis
andrew.knowles25: Painting with light.
andrew.knowles25: Marcescent mood.
andrew.knowles25: Scots Pine
andrew.knowles25: Some mornings you just know.....
andrew.knowles25: Golden hour on the Great Ridge
andrew.knowles25: Wood Grain