samiatsourav: Car panning photography
samiatsourav: A Chinese woman with her puppy...
samiatsourav: A tribal village in Bangladesh..
samiatsourav: A tribal man smoking their handmade cigarette.
samiatsourav: Nicolas tripura tribe.
samiatsourav: Long exposure
samiatsourav: Moody green...
samiatsourav: Straight from the street...
samiatsourav: B&w portrait
samiatsourav: Sunset at the sea beach...
samiatsourav: Born free.
samiatsourav: Born free
samiatsourav: A Bangladeshi farmer sitting at local food market.
samiatsourav: A Bangladeshi boatman.
samiatsourav: A Bangladeshi boy collecting waterliles.
samiatsourav: Solar eclipse 2020
samiatsourav: Golden Hour
samiatsourav: Work from home. #Ps_imagine
samiatsourav: Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.
samiatsourav: Bay of Bengal'20
samiatsourav: There is peace even in the storm. -Vincent van Gogh.
samiatsourav: portrait
samiatsourav: Linated Barbet
samiatsourav: Let the light in 🌞
samiatsourav: B&W portrait
samiatsourav: poverty
samiatsourav: 1583831600086
samiatsourav: 1583831553290
samiatsourav: 1583831593790
samiatsourav: Streak throated woodpecker