p.marteville: Yellow flowers along Sauldre river
p.marteville: Street lights in the sky
p.marteville: Villeherviers bridge on Sauldre river(1)
p.marteville: Villeherviers bridge on Sauldre river(2)
p.marteville: Flora discovery trail at Villeherviers along Sauldre river
p.marteville: It's time of sunflowers
p.marteville: The banks of Cher river at Port Martin
p.marteville: The harvests begin.
p.marteville: Conon creek at Cour Cheverny
p.marteville: Water lilies field- i like water lilies leafs
p.marteville: Sauldre river near Closeure street
p.marteville: Entrance door- Solognot style
p.marteville: Solognot house at Romorantin(2)
p.marteville: Flow control system of Sauldre river
p.marteville: Clouds reflection in Cher river
p.marteville: Reflection in Cher river
p.marteville: Wild thistle
p.marteville: Flow control gates of Sauldre river
p.marteville: Strange tree trunks
p.marteville: Pine cone on tree and young shoot
p.marteville: What you see from this nice fishing spot !
p.marteville: Wood and light
p.marteville: Wood structure
p.marteville: Islet of the Bezard pond
p.marteville: Swamp Iris / yellow flag
p.marteville: The house of the pond
p.marteville: Discovery trail along Cher river
p.marteville: Calopteryx splendens- blue dragonfly
p.marteville: Anemone nemorosa / wood anemone
p.marteville: Cropped flower (close up test with XF 55-200)