evakongshavn: The candles are lit, the food is on the table, the view is perfect, the evening can come, cheers everyone 😊
elchaten: Etangs de Commelles - Picardie
parry101: Porthcawl Lighthouse
diana.agostini: The sacrifice
Nevena Uzurov: Nevena Uzurov - Bicycle
Geoff Threadgill: Upper Loch Torridon
evakongshavn: An icy heart, is it about to melt or is it getting more icy?
evakongshavn: Tossing leaves in the air and being a child for a moment
evakongshavn: A misty hike
evakongshavn: I just love the crisp breeze in the autumn
evakongshavn: Aiko is checking the temperature (he is to the right😁)
Andy Bracey -: Fences On The Sands.
Patrick M Photographie: Chêne du Canada
roba66: Germany, Felsengärten bei Hessigheim/Neckar, 75595/9059
tomk630: Early sunrise; with fog.....
tomk630: Beauty in nature....
tomk630: A Squirrel at sunrise....
Pilar Azaña Talán : Embalse de Irabía
Hartmut Bardtke: Holter Hammrich / Rhauderfehn Ostfriesland
Diko G.W.: Grey Squirrel Apple Series No 21
Philippine Travelclub: good night cebu
hkcarmic: Wildboarclough nr Macclesfield
ralfkai41: Der alte Tag verglüht - the old day is burning up
ralfkai41: Pony’s in the morning light
ralfkai41: Breaking through
Margarita Genkova: Golden Peaks
tomk630: Sunrise.....
TrondSphoto: New day
Excalibur67: L'effet miroir: l'autre est un autre soi