claudiadvries: Melting ice in the Netherlands
claudiadvries: Afsluitdijk melting ice
claudiadvries: famous spot in the Netherlands
claudiadvries: famous spot in hindeloopen friesland
claudiadvries: all frozen
claudiadvries: winter in langweer
claudiadvries: cold Sunday
claudiadvries: Sunrise from the ferry boat
claudiadvries: Winter at the IJsselmeer
claudiadvries: tree in the mist
claudiadvries: Very cold ice world
claudiadvries: Cold in Friesland
claudiadvries: Ice snow water and sunset
claudiadvries: Beautiful cows in the snow
claudiadvries: Snow storm today in the Netherlands
claudiadvries: Red sunrise shines towards the trees
claudiadvries: Cracked ice makes a beautiful sound 😍
claudiadvries: ducks sunset
claudiadvries: Langweer frozen this morning 🌄
claudiadvries: Cold forest with sunshine
claudiadvries: morning at the lake in Friesland
claudiadvries: Langweer
claudiadvries: Frosted world
claudiadvries: Friesland sunset
claudiadvries: Sunset in Friesland
claudiadvries: This beautiful place Tuesday 26th January *in the explore *
claudiadvries: so much colors this morging in the woods
claudiadvries: Frosty weather
claudiadvries: frozen world here in Friesland