claudiadvries: Blossom Lane
claudiadvries: Cherry blossom Lane 🌸
claudiadvries: Cherry blossom lane
claudiadvries: Sunrise 27 of January
claudiadvries: Mirror Mirror. Beautiful old town in Friesland
claudiadvries: Testing my new lens
claudiadvries: Sunrise in Friesland
claudiadvries: On a cold morning in Friesland sunrise.
claudiadvries: Foggy morning -2°
claudiadvries: 2023-11-05_08-58-28
claudiadvries: IMG_0988
claudiadvries: Autumn in Sloten the Netherlands
claudiadvries: Lots of autumn rain puddles
claudiadvries: Autumn colours in the puddle
claudiadvries: Foggy woods 2022
claudiadvries: Patterns
claudiadvries: Vertical waddensea old poles
claudiadvries: Silence at the waddensea
claudiadvries: Waddensea sunset
claudiadvries: Seaweed on a stick
claudiadvries: Sunset 16 september t Skoar Friesland
claudiadvries: 2023-08-27_10-49-29
claudiadvries: Sunset at Zurich Friesland
claudiadvries: Sunset at Zurich Friesland (not Switzerland )
claudiadvries: Fishing poles at the waddensea
claudiadvries: On the waddensea sunset
claudiadvries: A beautiful morning at the Heather field
claudiadvries: old sea poles in the IJsselmeer
claudiadvries: oude stijger hindeloopen longexposure