sangsmile: Clevedon Pier
sangsmile: Marine lake - peaceful
sangsmile: Tulips
sangsmile: Reds and orange
sangsmile: Snowdrop in January English garden
sangsmile: Turkish tea and cup
sangsmile: Flowers in the vase
sangsmile: Buds and petals
sangsmile: Pile of sticks in the park
sangsmile: Christmas Day reflection in the marina
sangsmile: Clementine cake
sangsmile: King Prawn Curry
sangsmile: White rose simple but classic
sangsmile: Flower white with a hint of green
sangsmile: Band stand in the park
sangsmile: Sunrise this morning
sangsmile: View at the beach in Weston Super Mare uk
sangsmile: Shadows
sangsmile: Parakeet in the Amazon Rainforest feeding .
sangsmile: Green foliage in Amazon Rainforest
sangsmile: Foliage after storm
sangsmile: Green foliage in the Amazon rain forest
sangsmile: In a bouquet
sangsmile: Last Oak leaf fallen
sangsmile: Autumn foliage
sangsmile: Sloth
sangsmile: Insects in the Amazon Rainforest
sangsmile: Remembrance Sunday
sangsmile: Wisteria in the autumn sunshine in UK
sangsmile: Macaw in the Amazon Rainforest