rociomcoss: Take a break from your busy day to enjoy some ice cream
rociomcoss: Are you a real king?
rociomcoss: Taking a break
rociomcoss: Catch me if you can
rociomcoss: Time Stood Still
rociomcoss: Lovely Prague 2018
rociomcoss: To love is...
rociomcoss: Take my hand...
rociomcoss: School trip to the museum
rociomcoss: The Portrait
rociomcoss: 40 years
rociomcoss: Girl and her dog
rociomcoss: the bus stop
rociomcoss: The afternoon commute
rociomcoss: Drink Coca-Cola
rociomcoss: Here with you
rociomcoss: Whatever rocks your boat
rociomcoss: On a rainy day
rociomcoss: The real America
rociomcoss: Icy Strait Point Alaska
rociomcoss: No one is home
rociomcoss: Almost home
rociomcoss: Too tired to enjoy the view
rociomcoss: On the White Pass & Yukon Route
rociomcoss: Roses are red...
rociomcoss: Frozen River
rociomcoss: Eugenia dumps the paper flower for a puppet...soo cute
rociomcoss: Trip down memory lane...Eugenia and her paper flower
rociomcoss: Ripples
rociomcoss: Exfoliation day