Phil-Gregory: Calm waters(pano)
Phil-Gregory: living on an island
Phil-Gregory: Turbine
Phil-Gregory: twin peaks
Phil-Gregory: Furry fella
Phil-Gregory: Hidden treasure
Phil-Gregory: Rusty roof
Phil-Gregory: Back down again
Phil-Gregory: picture postcard
Phil-Gregory: The great wall
Phil-Gregory: Another big view
Phil-Gregory: Sunrise
Phil-Gregory: Blue lagoon
Phil-Gregory: Serenity
Phil-Gregory: Curvature
Phil-Gregory: Alport castles
Phil-Gregory: Peacock
Phil-Gregory: Glaslyn
Phil-Gregory: The sharp edge
Phil-Gregory: Llyn Llydaw
Phil-Gregory: standing on the skys edge
Phil-Gregory: countryside
Phil-Gregory: the only way is up
Phil-Gregory: ups and downs ( explored)
Phil-Gregory: Snowdonia
Phil-Gregory: Rydal (explored)
Phil-Gregory: shooting star
Phil-Gregory: calm waters
Phil-Gregory: how deep is my valley?
Phil-Gregory: Cooling off (explored)