Phil-Gregory: Greenfields
Phil-Gregory: Green valley
Phil-Gregory: hidden gem
Phil-Gregory: Point of interest (explored)
Phil-Gregory: shining through
Phil-Gregory: The farm and the hill
Phil-Gregory: Round the bend
Phil-Gregory: please close the gate
Phil-Gregory: Cheers
Phil-Gregory: Kinder view (explored)
Phil-Gregory: stones (explored)
Phil-Gregory: lakeside view
Phil-Gregory: dramatic
Phil-Gregory: snowdonia
Phil-Gregory: not a landscape
Phil-Gregory: Crags (explored)
Phil-Gregory: deserted (explored)
Phil-Gregory: the welsh valleys (explored)
Phil-Gregory: Blossom
Phil-Gregory: High peak
Phil-Gregory: Big dipper
Phil-Gregory: misty morning view
Phil-Gregory: Shadow play
Phil-Gregory: looking back
Phil-Gregory: Curve (explored)
Phil-Gregory: Lockdown
Phil-Gregory: Weathered
Phil-Gregory: Water feature