Phil-Gregory: free falling
Phil-Gregory: Peak view
Phil-Gregory: panorama
Phil-Gregory: dark peak
Phil-Gregory: salt cellar
Phil-Gregory: the lost lad
Phil-Gregory: boot's folly
Phil-Gregory: Country lane
Phil-Gregory: the old man
Phil-Gregory: layers
Phil-Gregory: The big picture
Phil-Gregory: an open gate
Phil-Gregory: Reflections
Phil-Gregory: a colourful scene (explored)
Phil-Gregory: a good morning
Phil-Gregory: A classic
Phil-Gregory: upside down
Phil-Gregory: not that gate
Phil-Gregory: overflow
Phil-Gregory: House reflected
Phil-Gregory: Vanishing point
Phil-Gregory: Somewhere under the rainbow
Phil-Gregory: The devils in the detail
Phil-Gregory: Beauty spot
Phil-Gregory: Let there be light
Phil-Gregory: Tree at sunset
Phil-Gregory: old man