Ladmilla: Assassin's Creed® Odyssey - Moonlight
Ladmilla: The crypt
Ladmilla: Casualties
Ladmilla: Give up
Ladmilla: Thank you! - Side by Side Society // Friends to Friends - Group cover
Ladmilla: No love
Ladmilla: Thank you! - V.Hypareel.G21AD - Group cover
Ladmilla: To the sky
Ladmilla: Thank you! - MOOD SL (ART WITH IMPACT) Group cover
Ladmilla: Appearance
Ladmilla: Globalized crowd
Ladmilla: Thank you! - Fly with me Group cover
Ladmilla: Afflatus
Ladmilla: THE EDGE Art Gallery - AFFLATUS
Ladmilla: Drift
Ladmilla: Breath of Nature
Ladmilla: Prayer pic
Ladmilla: Prayer
Ladmilla: La farfalla addormentata - Sleeping butterfly (sketch)
Ladmilla: Giglio - Lily (sketch)
Ladmilla: Thank you! - PANEM ET CIRCENSES / BREAD AND CIRCUSES-P1/C1 - Group cover
Ladmilla: Conversazione - Conversation
Ladmilla: Thank you! - SL Stunning Landscapes - SLURL Required ♥ - Group Cover
Ladmilla: Purity
Ladmilla: Due madri - Two mothers
Ladmilla: The man who lived in the future - Party at THE EDGE Art Gallery on August 3rd
Ladmilla: Timeless
Ladmilla: La campagnola - Country woman
Ladmilla: Thank you! - Les plus beaux paysages de Second Life - Group cover