valentina425: Carhenge
valentina425: Falls Creek Falls
valentina425: Penguin
valentina425: Sunrise
valentina425: Wintery Evening
valentina425: Snowy Morning
valentina425: Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah
valentina425: White Christmas.
valentina425: White Christmas.
valentina425: Maligne Lake Boat House
valentina425: Moul Falls
valentina425: Watson Lake
valentina425: Molas Lake
valentina425: Upper Lewis River Falls
valentina425: Lake O"Hara
valentina425: I am listening Daddy.
valentina425: Mr. Moose
valentina425: Mrs. Moose
valentina425: Colorful Clorado
valentina425: Against the background of the waterfall
valentina425: Seven Vails Falls
valentina425: Hotter Brothers Lake
valentina425: Lower Lewis River Falls
valentina425: Lifebuoy
valentina425: sheep_14
valentina425: sheep_12
valentina425: sheep_8
valentina425: Bighorn Sheep
valentina425: Там, за туманами. (Over There Behind the Fog)