ks.bellevue: Car reflection
ks.bellevue: Lost in Amsterdam
ks.bellevue: The diner
ks.bellevue: on the ferry
ks.bellevue: Replay
ks.bellevue: Man with a mission
ks.bellevue: Lightbeam
ks.bellevue: grey and rainy
ks.bellevue: the German's parrot
ks.bellevue: Just light and shadow in a bar
ks.bellevue: Smoke signals
ks.bellevue: The thing that keeps us busy
ks.bellevue: in thoughts
ks.bellevue: shades of blue
ks.bellevue: window reflection
ks.bellevue: Inspiration
ks.bellevue: While we wait
ks.bellevue: the reader
ks.bellevue: Don't make her wait for you just because you know she will....
ks.bellevue: "she did kiss me when she left"....
ks.bellevue: the white dress
ks.bellevue: at the coffee shop