smokeynev1: A beautiful picture of the day
smokeynev1: What a beautiful friendly loving bird
smokeynev1: Love and Peace
smokeynev1: Peace Within
smokeynev1: A very beautiful tawny frogmouth keeping an eye out for it's partner and three little babies
smokeynev1: Lady beetle looking around
smokeynev1: Today's very very beautiful flower
smokeynev1: Very beautiful flower of the day
smokeynev1: Shanti wishes everyone all the best over Christmas
smokeynev1: Shanti enjoying himself in Hungry Jack's restaurant
smokeynev1: Hoping everyone will find love and peace this season
smokeynev1: finding beautiful peace Within at Hanging Rock near Nundle New South Wales
smokeynev1: Hoya flowers
smokeynev1: Season greetings for everyone on Flickr
smokeynev1: For all our friends and followers
smokeynev1: Motherhood is about love no matter what species of life form
smokeynev1: 2020-11-29_10-44-00
smokeynev1: Another beautiful day out with Shanti on Lake Macquarie Australia
smokeynev1: Shanti having a lovely day out
smokeynev1: The best coffee shop at Charles Town square THE SMELLY CHEESECAKE
smokeynev1: This beautiful photo taken just outside my front door
smokeynev1: Especially done in support of Vegan month
smokeynev1: Who are you poking your tongue out at
smokeynev1: i am allso just haveing a look around
smokeynev1: just haveing a look around
smokeynev1: Shanti at Planet Fitness gym Belmont
smokeynev1: Very beautiful flower of the day
smokeynev1: Tonight's beautiful sunset on Lake Macquarie
smokeynev1: Very beautiful tawny frogmouth outside my place