pastadimama: You die alone... Just saying - listen to the music
pastadimama: Join the club
pastadimama: Gone girl
pastadimama: Luckily she doesn't know yet...
pastadimama: Brain fog
pastadimama: The confession - listen to the music
pastadimama: A good fart is real art
pastadimama: Even flow - listen to the music - Yes! He did it!
pastadimama: Macro!
pastadimama: Spread the love! ❤️ 😎
pastadimama: The brave one, not me...
pastadimama: Those good old days...(Explored) - two watercolors with ink painted by my father, edited by me
pastadimama: Run you motherfuckers! - At least 3000 pedophiles in the French Catholic Church since the 1950s - on the news today
pastadimama: I'll guess I hang my tears out to dry - listen to the music
pastadimama: Heaven from hell
pastadimama: Dark events
pastadimama: If you scratch mine then I'll scratch yours...😎
pastadimama: My scars don't hurt anymore - listen to the music
pastadimama: Find your way
pastadimama: The murderer
pastadimama: Get the filth out of your head
pastadimama: The remains of a broken life
pastadimama: The green mile
pastadimama: L'intera notte - listen to the music
pastadimama: On the warpath
pastadimama: Baise sèche
pastadimama: Living in denial is better for your health - listen to the music
pastadimama: The last morphine shot...
pastadimama: 'Old wounds' don't heal
pastadimama: I eat the salty parts first 😎