pastadimama: “The hand of god” - Maradona is dead...
pastadimama: Deepfake dead fly
pastadimama: The death march
pastadimama: Me iPhone - Looking close on Friday
pastadimama: Focus on sight
pastadimama: Shapes of brown - Looking close on Friday
pastadimama: Scary sky
pastadimama: Bleed keys matter
pastadimama: A reconstruction of the brain
pastadimama: Abstract abstract
pastadimama: The black hole - listen to the music
pastadimama: Cryptogram puzzle - macro mondays
pastadimama: Maybe there is still some light after all - elections VS
pastadimama: Trump! Shut up!!
pastadimama: The total despair
pastadimama: Prepare for doom
pastadimama: Hang in there! - Crazy Tuesday
pastadimama: Life is messy
pastadimama: The autumn fall
pastadimama: Perception
pastadimama: My bubble life
pastadimama: Darkest hour
pastadimama: One color - Macro Mondays
pastadimama: No Christmas this year
pastadimama: I can be nuts and still brilliant...
pastadimama: Life sucks when you have nothing to eat
pastadimama: Lonely
pastadimama: Sewing thread - Macro Mondays
pastadimama: No one will hear you
pastadimama: ➡️