pastadimama: The birth of the core
pastadimama: No restart
pastadimama: Memento mortuis
pastadimama: My daughter on the water (In Explore)
pastadimama: The corona garden
pastadimama: I know this much is true
pastadimama: Tilt City - macro abstract art
pastadimama: King's Land
pastadimama: Keep your distance. He will find you.
pastadimama: The scent of lavender and tears
pastadimama: The lament
pastadimama: Planet Earth
pastadimama: Glimmers
pastadimama: The soft touch
pastadimama: Point of no return
pastadimama: Collapsing world
pastadimama: Escape route
pastadimama: Towards the light
pastadimama: The ugly bastard is still spreading
pastadimama: Moonland
pastadimama: It is quiet in Amsterdam - Watch the Dutch video - Ramses Shaffy (29 August 1933 – 1 December 2009)
pastadimama: Autumnal spring
pastadimama: The eel whisperer - yes, it's true. I saw it on the news
pastadimama: A beautiful mind
pastadimama: The new normal
pastadimama: You'll never walk alone...
pastadimama: The pandemic, and it is far from under control, given the latest developments
pastadimama: I just can't let you go
pastadimama: On top of the world
pastadimama: The fear of the fear is the worst