jan.vd.wolf: A misty morning
jan.vd.wolf: Amersfoort - Sint Rochuskapel
jan.vd.wolf: A misty morning
jan.vd.wolf: Castle Muiderslot
jan.vd.wolf: Enjoying the beautiful weather along the canal now that the terraces are still closed because of Covid-19
jan.vd.wolf: Amersfoort
jan.vd.wolf: A photographer takes pictures of the snowy city of Amersfoort in the early morning
jan.vd.wolf: Blue illuminated IJsselspoorbridge (Zutphen) over the high water of the river 'de ijssel'.
jan.vd.wolf: Enjoying the Amsterdam canals
jan.vd.wolf: Mills in the countryside
jan.vd.wolf: Giessenburg - Smoutjesvliet
jan.vd.wolf: The countryside in the winter time
jan.vd.wolf: Sunrise in the polder in winter
jan.vd.wolf: Doorwerth Castle
jan.vd.wolf: It is snowing at the windmills on the Zaanse Schans
jan.vd.wolf: The path to the mill
jan.vd.wolf: It's still winter
jan.vd.wolf: Doorwerth Castle
jan.vd.wolf: High water and open bows in the Rhine
jan.vd.wolf: High water
jan.vd.wolf: Windmill covered with snow
jan.vd.wolf: Amersfoort - Koppelpoort in wintertime
jan.vd.wolf: Reflection
jan.vd.wolf: Amersfoort - Monastery complex of the Sisters of Onze Lieve Vrouwe
jan.vd.wolf: Wooden house
jan.vd.wolf: Amersfoort - Wall houses
jan.vd.wolf: The forest
jan.vd.wolf: Countryside
jan.vd.wolf: A cold and misty morning in the countryside
jan.vd.wolf: Misty landscape