jcurtsmith: Benches
jcurtsmith: Legislative Building
jcurtsmith: Tracks
jcurtsmith: Front Door
jcurtsmith: Trees
jcurtsmith: Frosty
jcurtsmith: Storm Channel
jcurtsmith: Cross country
jcurtsmith: Walking the dog
jcurtsmith: Bright Winters Day
jcurtsmith: Grooming the Trail
jcurtsmith: Walk in the Park
jcurtsmith: Dragging the dog for a walk
jcurtsmith: Hockey on the Creek
jcurtsmith: Clearing the Road
jcurtsmith: Nice Leaves
jcurtsmith: Victoria from Highrock Park
jcurtsmith: Reflection
jcurtsmith: More snow coming
jcurtsmith: Westsong Walkway
jcurtsmith: Footprints
jcurtsmith: Looks like Christmas!
jcurtsmith: Frosty Benches
jcurtsmith: Leaves in the Snow
jcurtsmith: Frosty Morning
jcurtsmith: Long Shadows
jcurtsmith: Frosty
jcurtsmith: Clear and Cold
jcurtsmith: Calgary Airport
jcurtsmith: Forest