darletts56: Sun lowering through the thin clouds
darletts56: As the clouds come in
darletts56: Layers and layers of colour
darletts56: As the clouds split
darletts56: Glowing through the clouds
darletts56: Golden sunrays through the clouds
darletts56: Sundown orange glow
darletts56: Colourful sundown close up
darletts56: Colourful sundown
darletts56: Winds blowing the clouds by
darletts56: Clouds blowing by sunset
darletts56: Colourful silhouette sunset
darletts56: Rolling down the highway
darletts56: Last bit of the sun
darletts56: Sky Art
darletts56: Abandon farm yard junk
darletts56: Abandon buildings decaying
darletts56: Tuxford grain elevators
darletts56: Wooden Barns
darletts56: Abandoned now decaying
darletts56: Country drive going through the Valley
darletts56: Old equipment and decaying bins
darletts56: Abandoned farm house but look at the windows
darletts56: Abandon sheds and bins plus new ones
darletts56: Valley view pastel sunset
darletts56: Abandoned home
darletts56: The farmers fields along the road
darletts56: Orange highlights
darletts56: Silhouette reflection sunset
darletts56: Winter colours sunset