darletts56: Supercell cloud forming
darletts56: Supercell moving throught the prairies
darletts56: As the Supercell forms
darletts56: Split between the supercell clouds
darletts56: Supercell fingers sunset
darletts56: Under the Supercell
darletts56: Supercell storm over head.
darletts56: Supercell Prairie Storm Saskatchewan
darletts56: Natural sunrays sunset
darletts56: Winds blowing the rain through sunset
darletts56: Another rainbow sunset
darletts56: Final colour glow sunset
darletts56: Thunder clouds forming
darletts56: Dark and light clouds sunset
darletts56: Sunset close up
darletts56: Cloudy sunset with birds flying through
darletts56: Rain with a little colour.
darletts56: Winds are blowing Sunset
darletts56: After the sun has set
darletts56: White clouds and contrail
darletts56: Pink glow on a grey cloud sunset
darletts56: Sunset on the Valley edge
darletts56: Contrails blowing Sunset
darletts56: Pink sunset fly by
darletts56: Pink silhouette sunset
darletts56: Orange delight
darletts56: Rain clouds, dark with a little golden delight
darletts56: There she is.... lets go
darletts56: Old abandoned barn side view falling down
darletts56: Old Abandoned Barn falling down