darletts56: Pink marbled sunset.
darletts56: Bright silhouette sunset
darletts56: Fall colours sunset
darletts56: Through the Village sunset
darletts56: Along the line sunset
darletts56: Ice Art flowers
darletts56: Mount Baker from Canada
darletts56: Dogwood tree in Autumn
darletts56: British Columbia Fall colours
darletts56: Burning the fields
darletts56: Ice art on the window
darletts56: Ice art through the window
darletts56: A sliver of colours
darletts56: My neighbours
darletts56: Passing by
darletts56: Chamberlain Grain elevator and visitors area
darletts56: Grain elevator sunset
darletts56: Blue with a pink high lighting
darletts56: Beige and blue sky art
darletts56: August sunset Fall colours
darletts56: Evening sky colours
darletts56: Bridge across the valley.
darletts56: Colour between the lines
darletts56: Early morning colours
darletts56: Multi colour clouds sunset
darletts56: Highlighting the highway
darletts56: A touch of colour on the rain clouds
darletts56: Lovely evening sunset
darletts56: Ribbon of pink sunset
darletts56: Evening glowing rainbow colours